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A Comprehensive List of Must-Have RV Parts and Accessories

When you own an RV, camping season begins the minute the campgrounds open. What do you do while you wait for your favourite spots to open up?  Stock up on all the RV parts and accessories you need to make your camping adventure successful. Visit our experts today for help selecting everything you need.

RV Parts and Accessories to Gather for Camping

Even if you have already been camping for a while now, there are still some RV parts and accessories you can get that will continue to make camping a seamless venture. Take a look at this comprehensive list.

Wheel Accessories

You want to get some covers for your RV wheels that will protect them from UV rays and extensive wind. You also want to get some chocks to keep your RV from rolling accidentally. A good puncture repair kit is always handy, as is a way to pump the tire in a pinch.

Cables and Hoses

Extra freshwater hoses are always a good idea in case one breaks or cracks. Another good thing to have on hand is extra extension cords, Amp cords with adapters, and even sewer hoses. When dealing with the sewer hose, you want support for it as well. It is always a good idea to have a sewer hose that is 20 feet.

Safety Gear

Having a gas-powered generator is always ideal for places that don’t have great electricity or that have electricity that falters in storms. A good generator can help power your heat, fans, and lights when in a pinch. A first aid kit is something else you want to make sure you have with you in case of minor emergencies, including allergy meds, pain medication, gauze, bandages, and tensor bands, among other things. Another essential safety item is a fire extinguisher, and you can never be too careful.

Bathroom Accessories

Odor control items are always a nice thing to have since no one enjoys the smell of an RV bathroom. A grey tank deodorizer, as well as a tank deodorizer, is something you want. You also want to get some extra toilet paper as it’s better to have too much than not enough. It’s always necessary to have cleaning products on hand as well.


A few other items that are a good idea to have include:

  • Awning screen
  • Stool
  • Cooking sticks
  • Trash can
  • Extra blankets
  • Water containers
  • Essential Kitchen items
  • Flash light

Expert Advice on RV Parts and Accessories

Come see us at Edmonton RV if you need help choosing the right RV parts and accessories for your camping trip. Our professional campers and RV experts can help equip you with all the right materials that will make your camping adventure a successful one. Visit us today!