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Avoid the Elements and Learn How to Winterize Your RV

The sad realization that camping season is over means it is time to start the process to winterize your RV. You don’t want the elements to cause any damage, so there are some steps you should take before tucking your RV away for the winter.

Avoid the elements with these steps:

  • Empty out the water systems when you winterize your RV. Each RV comes with a guide for cleaning out the water, but the basic steps are the same. Turn off the hot water heater and empty the water out of the pipes. Replace the water with antifreeze. Make sure it goes through all the pipes and even pour some into your drains.
  • Take out the batteries and plan to store them. Turn off the disconnect and breakers before removing the battery but be sure to label all the cables for easy reconnection. Store them in a warm, dry place. If you have a larger RV with multiple batteries, leave them in, but disconnect the negative cable.
  • Another way to winterize your RV is by applying a good layer of wax on the outside of it. This will help to protect it against the elements and keep it looking good. Be sure to buy a good quality wax specific for your RV. Clean the exterior prior to putting on the wax, checking for cracks along the way.
  • While you winterize your RV, check the awning. While cleaning the exterior of your RV, you should also clean the awning. Be sure to let it fully dry before securing it away. You don’t want mold or mildew to grow because you didn’t let it dry beforehand.
  • While you winterize your RV its a good idea to service the hinges and the locks. Take a few minutes to fully lubricate all hinges and locks to avoid creaks or jams come spring.
  • Meticulously clean the interior to help winterize your RV. Double check to make sure all food and beverages have been removed.
  • If you are going to store your RV outside throughout the winter, a great step to include to winterize your RV is to cover the wheels. Covering your wheels will prevent them from cracking or scorching in the winter sun. If you choose to cover your whole RV with a tarp, be sure to use a breathable one, or pick up an RV cover.

Get all the tips and tricks you need to winterize your RV by coming down to Edmonton RV and letting our specialists help you out. We are here to ensure that you can protect your RV and keep it running in tip top shape next spring when you are ready to go camping again.