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Can You Tackle Your RV Awning Repair on Your Own?

One of the best accessories on your RV is the awning. Not only does it make the front look good, but it provides you shade in areas where you might not have much. The awning is going to give you a designated outdoor space to hang out in when you are out camping.

Inspecting your awning regularly is a part of keeping your RV in tip-top shape. There are all kinds of things that can cause damage to your awning. No matter the size of the shape, you want to learn how to perform basic RV awning repair when you notice any sort of defect. Visit us today to ask for expert advice or book a repair.

Awning Damage

Pretty much anything can cause awning damage to occur. Maybe a tear from a small branch developed, or when put away for the year, you didn’t notice it was a bit wet, and mildew appeared. Untreated fabric can quickly rot. Another huge factor that causes awning damage is wind and the sun. Constant exposure to the elements can cause your awning to wear down over time. It is just a matter of time before you need to perform proper awning repair.

Do Your Own RV Awning Repair

It is possible to fix many types of awning damage yourself. The first thing you want to do is start by washing your awning correctly and using a spray bottle with the proper mix of water and soap (usually a 1 to 4 soap to water ratio). Spray down the entire awning, both top, and underside. Let your awning sit rolled up. After a bit of time, unroll and rinse thoroughly.

After your awning has completely dried, you can then commence your RV awning repair. What type of repair you use is dependent on the shape and size. For more minor tears, using a clear awning tape can help hold the fabric together safely and effectively for another season.

For larger holes in the awning, you want to do a fabric repair. Using a tent patch kit, you can tape the fabric over holes or tears. When using a tent repair kit, you want to find some fabric that will match the awning, unless you don’t mind the sight of a patch.

When your awning has tears that are over three feet, you need to consider your options. You can go about your RV awning repair yourself through the use of heavy-duty glue, and this will patch is temporary and will not last long-term. Your other choices include replacing the awning fabric altogether or buying a new awning.  

Get Help with Your RV Awning Repair

Come find us at Edmonton RV when you doubt your skills and need a professional to help you out with your RV awning repair. We are ready and willing to help you determine what is best for your awning so that you can get back to what you love most.