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Find Out Your RV Spring Maintenance Checklist

Spring is the time you want to get your RV ready for that first trek into the wilderness. However, before you go out for a weekend of camping, you want to make sure to have your RV’s spring maintenance done.

Here is our RV spring maintenance checklist. Use it to help guide you when getting your RV ready for all your summer fun.

The Exterior

  • Check the roof for cracking or damage. Look at the skylight sealants, and roof vents for any possible damage.
  • Be sure that your windows, doors and other exterior compartments are sealed properly and watertight.
  • Apply some lubricant to all hinges and locks.
  • Look for punctures in any of the metal or fibreglass siding.
  • As part of your RV spring maintenance checklist, check the awning to be sure it has no tears in it. Open it up and let it dry.

Check the Electrical

  • Look at the battery for proper fluid levels. Be sure to wear gloves and safety glasses to keep you safe when checking the battery.
  • Be sure that all electrical cords and cables are free from corrosion and fraying.
  • The shore power cord and plug need to be checked to be sure that rodents didn’t get to it.
  • Get a good plug tester to be sure that the ground fault interrupter is still functional.
  • Test your slide outs and other power operated components.

The Undercarriage

  • Look to be sure there are no cracks or separation on the tires. Be sure to also look at the threads to be sure they are still good with no signs of damage.
  • Check the shocks, shackles and u-bolts for wear and tear.
  • Test the breaks and make sure the tires have the proper amount of air in them.

Professional Checks

  • Have your propane system checked by a certified professional who can assure you of safety for use.
  • Also, get your water and waste systems checked to be sure they are ready for summer use.

When you are getting ready to go camping, you want to follow this RV spring maintenance checklist to be sure your ready to go safely. It is important that you are sure your RV is camping ready and will provide you safety and comfort as you embark in the wilderness.

Head on down to Edmonton RV for your RV’s spring maintenance and know that you can hit the road with peace of mind.