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How the Pros Handle an RV Awning Repair

You are driving around looking for the perfect spot to park your RV. You find it and are just starting to get comfortable when you spot a large tear in your awning. You know you need RV awning repair but aren’t sure you can take care of this one yourself. Ask the experts at Edmonton RV today for RV awning repair advice.

How Do the Professionals Handle RV Awning Repair?

The first thing you want to do before handling any repair is to find out the source of the tear. All kinds of things can cause your awning issues. Here are a few of them:

  • The craftmanship of the awning could be of poor quality because it was a cheaper camper.
  • Some loose strings could get snagged and cause a rip in the fabric.
  • General age, tear, and wear can cause the awning to break down naturally.
  • Driving along and flying rocks, sticks, or other potentially sharp objects can be the cause of the tear.
  • The weather can impact your awning significantly; strong wind, hail, snow, or other severe weather can cause tears in the fabric.

How to Repair your Awning

There are a few steps a professional would follow when taking on an RV awning repair. You want to follow those same steps.

  1. Assess the damage of the awning and determine what kind of repair is necessary. Could a simple patch suffice, or do you have to do a more significant repair?
  2. Remove the awning from its current perch on your RV. You can’t repair anything without first removing the awning. This will also give you more freedom to move around the material and fix it properly. Some latch-like locks may attach to your awning; make sure to remove those and carefully execute the awnings descent.
  3. Once you have the awning in your hands, it is the perfect time to check for smaller holes that can be repaired easily before tackling the larger one. Do a thorough check of the entire surface of the awning.
  4. Next, you want to tackle any larger holes. Determine if sewing it is enough or if a larger patch is necessary. You want to use a similar fabric as the awning when making repairs to ensure the integrity of the awning remains intact.

Always know that you should thoroughly clean the awning before any repairs get done. If a patch is required, you will need the awning perfectly clean so that it can adhere adequately and seal correctly. Also, when placing patches, make sure to remove any air bubbles so that the patch seals securely.

Learn More about RV Awning Repair

If you need more tips on RV awning repair, come down and talk to the professionals at Edmonton RV. Our team can guide you on what to do with a damaged awning.