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Top Mistakes RV Owners Make that Lead to Costly RV Service

When you say goodbye to Edmonton and hit the open road with your RV, there are some mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Sometimes, the most experienced RVers forget to latch the door or secure the awning. Even with the best care possible, some mistakes can lead to very expensive RV service costs that can really throw you for a loop. In order to avoid these RV service costs, there are some mistakes you want to refrain from making.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid:

  • Not planning your trips accordingly. Camping on a whim can be fun, but you don’t want to hop into your RV and start driving for a few days without the proper preparations. To avoid RV service, you want to be sure your RV is ready for an extended trip by checking fuel and oil levels on your motorhome, tires, battery, propane, awning, and any other electrical components.
  • One mistake that leads to RV service too often is driving off before you’ve properly disconnected power and water from your RV. A quick walk around your RV before heading out of the campsite will ensure that you remember to disconnect your hookups, as well as to make sure your awning is in and your antenna is down.
  • You’ll also want to learn how to use everything in and outside of your RV before heading out. To avoid an expensive RV service, you’ll want to learn all the procedures for set up and take down, as well as what buttons operate which components, and what the routine is for your RV at the dumping station.
  • Another major mistake that leads to a pricey RV service appointment, is heading out before you know the towing basics. This means knowing how wide and tall your RV is, as well as your turn radius.

Get the most out of your camping experience by making sure to do simple checks with your RV to avoid a costly repair or RV service. Know the basics before you go and always have a camping checklist!

When you are looking to get RV service or are shopping around, come see us. We are always happy to help you with answering questions and giving you tips and tricks.