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What Types of RV Service Can You DIY While Out on the Road?

No matter what kind of RV you have, or how ‘new’ it is, you’ll need to consider RV service at some point. As a smart RV owner, you know you need to have your RV inspected before you go; but what if something happens when on the road? The key to a great vacation is knowing what to do when the unexpected happens. Here are some DIY tips on RV service you can do yourself while on your travels:


A flat tire is by far the most common issue that comes up, both for regular vehicles and RVs. Luckily, changing a tire isn’t a difficult chore, as long as you have the right tools. Make sure you check your spare tire before hitting the road, and stop in today for any tire repair tools you may need.

Broken or Cracked Windows

You probably won’t have any spare windows on hand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a temporary fix in place to hold until you get home. We carry a selection of tapes and glues that will prevent a cracked window from spreading. If the window is broken, you’ll have to board it up and secure it until it can be replaced by a professional RV service technician.

Awning Repair

Tears are quite common, particularly for older awnings. Tape may secure the tear and make your awning usable until you can get it properly fixed by an RV service tech. Be sure to secure your awning during rough weather, always put it down before moving (even if it’s just a campsite over), and keep it dry during storage.

Broken Rooftop Vents

Age and weather will take its toll on your rooftop vents and eventually these will need to be replaced. Your RV service tech can recommend a quality replacement, but until then you may need to either cover it or take it off completely. If you take it off, you’ll need to replace it asap, before the next rain storm, to prevent serious damage to your RV, and avoid a costly RV service.

Things will come up that you don’t expect while you’re on the road – that’s just life; but being prepared will make a big difference in how you handle these challenges. Call us today to talk with an RV service technician and stock up on what you need to be prepared on the road.