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Your RV Service Checklist to Go Over Before You Head Out This Summer

As the snow starts the melt around Edmonton, you are thinking of one thing: camping season. Once the weather starts to warm, it is an accurate indication that it is time to get your RV service done. Before you hit the woods, you should make sure you have accomplished everything on your RV service checklist so that you can enjoy a fun, incident-free summer! Book your RV in with us today!  

RV Service Checklist 

Here are a few things you want to check as part of your yearly maintenance before you take your RV camping.  

  • Test the battery and make sure it is holding a charge. You want to check the water levels and clean the battery thoroughly before you give it a full charge.  
  • The tires are essential so make sure that you check the pressure. Do a visual check of your tires to check for tread, cracks, or potential issues that could leave you on the side of the road instead of a camp.  
  • Inspect the RV roof as you perform your RV service to ensure that there are no cracks, separations, or other damage. Reapply a seal as you see fit and treat the roof for UV protection so that it doesn’t get damaged in the summer sun.  
  • All the levels of your RV engine should be checked to make sure it is roadworthy. Furthermore, if you have a generator, you want to check the engine levels of that as well. Make sure to do an oil change in the engine before you take out the RV. It will surely have missed the deadline for when a new oil change is necessary, even if you didn’t reach the kilometres.
  • Check the wipers to be sure that they are in good repair and fill the wiper fluid. Put on new wipers if you notice cracks.  
  • Test all the lights both on the RV and inside the RV. Now is the time to change lightbulbs, ensure everything is working, and ensure that no mice or rats chewed any wires during the winter.  
  • Give your RV a good wash and wax before you head out for the summer. It will make you feel good to know that your RV is clean and ready for the road. Just make sure to choose a wax that will protect the exterior of your RV from UV rays. Cleaning is an essential part of your RV service so that you can be sure you are taking care of your RV properly.  

Come and Get your De-Winterizing Done 

Here at Edmonton RV, we are experienced in helping you de-winterize your RV. As part of your RV service for the year you want to seek out professional help to flush the water tanks and lines as well as the septic tanks. We are experienced in RV service and can help you get your RV ready for an exciting summer of camping. Contact us today.