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Your Ultimate RV Service Checklist Before You Hit the Road this Summer

Traveling in your RV is a great way for you to explore the great outdoors this summer. There are all kinds of places around Edmonton that you can go camping. With so many different camping options over the summer, you want to ensure your RV is in perfect condition before hitting the road.

To be ready for the summer months, you need to perform some RV service that will help maintain your RV for the whole season. Additionally, regular maintenance will keep your RV running for many years. Book your RV in for service with us today!

Perform These RV Services Before Hitting the Road

  • Make sure to get these services done on your RV before you head out camping this summer so that you can have a seamless camping experience.
  • Clean out your RV. One of the most menial but necessary chores to do for your RV is to clean it. You want to wash the outside of your RV, giving it a good cleansing. While you wash, you can check for cracks or other issues that will need attention. Furthermore, you will prevent mold and mildew from growing on your RV, which can have long-term damaging effects.
  • Check all the lights on your RV. Both interior and exterior lights will need your attention but specifically, check your headlights and brake lights. In most places, it is illegal to have a headlight or brake light that doesn’t work, so you want to make sure these lights are checked and replaced if need be. Once done, you can check the rest of the lights on your RV.
  • RV tire care is also necessary. Check your tires for cracking, fading or wear and tear. You also want to be sure to check the tire pressure so that it is adequate. Replace any tires that need replacing. Another thing you want to check out is that your spare tire is also in good shape. It is always a good idea to replace the spare every time you change the primary tires.
  • Survey the roof and clean it of all debris. Your RV roof is essential to your comfort. You want to make sure there is no debris up there that can fall on other cars as you drive. Furthermore, you want to check for cracks in the seals, especially the skylight. Fix any damage that you notice on the roof. Give your RV roof a good cleaning and apply UV protection to it. You can apply the same protection to the rest of the RV as well.

Get Professional Help

When performing RV service, check with a professional if you come across something you aren’t familiar with. Our team at Edmonton RV is experienced in all things RV-related and can help you keep your RV in good shape for years to come. Book your RV service with us today and get on the road sooner!