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Before the Adventure: Understanding the Importance of RV Servicing and Maintenance

An RV is your home, your vacation and your biggest toy all wrapped into one. Protecting this large investment by performing regular RV service and maintenance not only saves you money, but keeps you and your travelers safe when you are on the road. You can accomplish some RV maintenance at your home or on the road, such as checking your tire pressure. Other preventative measures are best completed by a professional. RV Service in Edmonton is an affordable way to extend the life of your vehicle.

RV Servicing Saves You Money

Preventative RV servicing and maintenance involves taking the time and resources to keep your RV running smoothly. For example, checking your tire pressure every 2-3 days during a road trip can save you money. Engineers estimate that for every 1 psi drop of your tire pressure, you lose fuel efficiency by about 0.2%. So, if you are driving from Edmonton to Vancouver and back, under-inflated tires can cost you an extra 100 dollars with just a 5 psi drop in your tire pressure. Additionally, properly inflated tires increase the lifespan of your tires – ensuring potentially thousands of dollars in savings.

Changing your oil every 10 000 kilometers, or roughly once a year, also greatly impacts fuel economy. Using old oil or oil not intended for your engine can cause a reduction in fuel efficacy by 1%. Changing your oil annually can save you hundreds of dollars in a cross country excursion. You can change your oil yourself or have it done by a service professional.

Servicing Your RV Keeps Your Vacation Safe and Hassle Free

Preventative maintenance not only saves your money, but also saves life. In keeping with the tire pressure example – underinflated tires can pose a big safety risk. As a tire loses air pressure, more of the tires surface area comes into contact with the road, thereby increasing friction. Increased friction can lead to tire blowouts. Keeping your tire pressure at the manufacturers recommendation can save money and keep you safe.

A great way to keep your RV secure is to schedule it for professional annual servicing. An annual service will increase safety by replacing worn down brake pads, testing the automotive battery, checking and refilling power steering fluid, transmission fluid and grease and lubricate engine components.

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