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Edmonton RV Winterizing

Winterizing is an important step to ensure a long life for your RV's water system!

With over 40 years of experience winterizing and de-winterizing RVs in our climate, Edmonton RV Service understands how crucial it is to ensure the process is completed correctly. Don’t take a chance on costly repairs and spring frustration – let us help! We will drain all the water from your RVs water lines, fill all the lines with antifreeze, and provide you a warranty to ensure that you are covered for any issues that arise.

You can trust Edmonton RV Service with your winterization as we have been performing them since 1976! Edmonton RV Service has the go to team to winterize your RV in Edmonton, AB and surrounding areas! Come see why we’re one of the highest rated repair facilities in the Edmonton area!

Why do i need to Winterize?

Unlike our houses, most RVs have plumbing and water lines that run below the floor line and underneath the unit. When temperatures reach approximately 4 degrees Celsius, the plumbing lines exposed to the cold will begin to freeze and expand.

If your water lines have not been emptied of water and protected with plumbing-safe antifreeze, the water inside will expand with no place to go. This leads to cracked lines, connections, and fittings all throughout your RV. 

If the hot water tank is not drained properly before storage, the water contained inside can also expand and lead to a cracked tank. In most cases, this requires a complete hot water tank replacement. 

Can I blow my lines out with air?

We DO NOT recommend skipping antifreeze when winterizing your RV. While removing water from the lines is an important step, there are many hard to reach areas of your RVs water system (such as inside faucets or the valve of your toilet) which can retain water after blowing out with a compressor. This can lead to expensive issues in the spring if these components freeze and crack. 

To ensure your RV is safe for winter, we always recommend using antifreeze in the lines of your RVs water system. 


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