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Common RV Repairs You Should Be Ready For

Going out in your RV around Edmonton is one of the highlights of the summer. However, nothing is worse than experiencing problems and needing to get RV repairs done in the height of the camping season. However, your RV needing repairs is common, and they need to be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Contact us for your RV repair needs.

What you need to keep the fun going is to be aware of common RV repairs you need to be prepared for throughout the camping season. Here are some common repairs that you should be ready for.


Your tires are going to a blowout or end up with a flat at some point in the time you own your RV. It is essential to your RV, and your peace of mind, that you check your tires often for wear and tear. Furthermore, since flats can’t always be prevented, having a spare tire and a repair kit on hand is a good idea.


Just like any other vehicle, you are going to experience occasional issues with the brakes. Having your brake system checked before hitting the open road is always a good idea. Replace brake pads, rotors and any other necessary parts that are starting to wear down.


Your RV is a home away from home. Therefore, like a home, you are going to experience plumbing issues. However, since your plumbing in an RV is on a much smaller scale than that of a home, you need to be prepared for issues with the pipes. Replace rubber seals and valves when they are starting to experience problems.


Your window or roof may start to leak. Since the roof and the windows are designed to be lighter than any other home, they don’t always hold up when damage occurs. As part of your RV repairs, be sure to check that the seals are strong, and no debris on the roof has caused damage.


As one of the most common RV repairs, you need to be prepared for the water line to burst or the pump to break. Emptying your water tanks and properly storing your RV when not in use can help avoid these issues.


You are a human being, and that means you are going to make mistakes. Some of the most common RV repairs that need to do are a direct result of human error. When packing up your RV, make sure to take your time and be methodical. Takedown the awning before traveling, disconnect hoses and make sure all sliding rooms are in traveling condition before leaving a campsite.

Trust the Professionals

Repairs are going to happen; you aren’t sure when and where. Being prepared for common RV issues is the best chance you have to avoid major repairs in the future. However, if you find that you need RV repairs, see us at Edmonton RV. We are happy to help evaluate any potential issues or get your RV the service it needs.