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Essential RV Parts and Accessories

Your RV is an integral part of your summer camping experience. However, to keep the fun going, you want to ensure that you have all the proper RV parts and accessories necessary to keep things running smoothly.  

Nothing is worse than being stuck with issues while out exploring the woods around Alberta. You want to make sure that if there are any problems that you have all the essential RV parts and accessories to fix many common issues as they arise without putting your camping on hold. Contact us to learn more.

Make these RV parts and accessories apart of your summer checklist: 

Tool Kit  

There are many things in an RV that can be fixed quickly and easily if you have the right tools. Therefore, make sure you have a tool kit that has all the essential RV tools in it so that if an issue arises that wrench can fix, you have it with you.  

Before you get a tool kit, go through your RV and see what kinds of non-essential parts you can accumulate. Things like bolts, proper screw sizes, and the right screwdrivers are part of your tool kit, whether you assemble one from scratch or buy an already set up one.  

RV Cover 

Get a proper RV cover. You don’t want to use a regular tarp because it can cause mold and mildew. Therefore, when your RV is not in use, you should cover it properly. The right RV cover will help to protect your RV against the varying Alberta weather conditions and protect your RV against UV damage.  

Breakaway Cable

You want to make sure you have a spare breakaway cable. When towing your RV using a breakaway switch, you need the cable to activate the switch so that it will slow your RV down should it separate from the vehicle towing it. It is very wise to keep an extra cable on hand if the one you have gets worn out.  

Mosquito Coils

You may think that this isn’t one of the essential RV parts and accessories, but you will be grateful you have them. Mosquitos can be terrible all over Alberta during the summer months in the deep woods. When those mosquitos start to overwhelm you, and you remember that you have those coils, you will be relieved. 

Sewer Hose

Nothing can put a damper on your summer fun more than having your sewage system stop working. Your sewer hose can wear down and have leaks after repeated use. Therefore, to make sure you don’t have sewage issues, have a spare hose on hand.  

Visit us Today! 

Here at Edmonton RV we have a large selection of RV parts and accessories. Come see us, and we will make sure that your RV has all the essential things you need to have a fun and successful camping season.