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Essential RV Services to Perform Before Winter Camping

Summer is the most popular season to go camping with an RV but RVing in the winter is a great way to experience a large variety of recreational activities that will have you embracing the Edmonton winters instead of dreading it. If you are keen on taking up winter RVing, then there is some RV service you are going to want to get done before you head to the campsite. Call us today to book your RV in for service before winter camping. 

Keeping Warm is Key

Make sure to determine what kind of weather you are going to encounter so you can prepare for it.  RVs are not made to hold in heat, so despite your best efforts, you may find that heat is escaping. Get some plastic window coverings that you can use to add insulation to the inside of your RV. These window coverings are relatively cost-efficient, and they help with keeping the cold out and the heat in immensely.  

Check the productivity of your RV’s LP furnace and that it is in good working order. Though your electric heater will be your primary source of heat, you do want to run the LP furnace at a cozy 45 degrees to help with the heating.  

Watch Your Water Systems 

RV service for winter camping is going to include making sure your RV water lines don’t freeze. You need to make sure there is anti-freeze available for your bathrooms and that your other water lines are heated.  

Your RV water tanks aren’t made for winter camping. When you get RV service done, consider having a holding water tank heater installed as well. These heaters are going to help prevent water from freezing on your or causing more severe issues. 

Prevent Frozen Pipes 

When performing RV service, you want to make sure that you cover the pipes under your RV with some type of adequate insulation. A heated RV water hose is also a good investment when winter RVing. The underbelly of your RV is going to need a great deal of care to be ready to camp in the winter. Skirting will help with retaining the heat on the underside, but it isn’t enough.  

Finally, you want to be sure only to dump your holding tanks when they are nearly full to avoid having the contents freeze. Also, please do not leave your grey or black outlet ports open when connected to city sewers as they will freeze also.  

Wander in the Winter 

Getting the RV service done so that you can go winter camping is essential to making it a memorable experience. Therefore, you want to have all your bases covered. If you are unsure of what RV service needs to be done before hitting the woods in the winter, come see us at Edmonton RV. We will happily help you be on your way safely.