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Get Your RV Ready for Your Summer Getaways

RV service must be performed every year to ensure that your RV is summer and camping ready. As spring is in full bloom and with summer peeking around the corner, you know it is time to get that RV camping ready. 

Camping in your RV around Edmonton is a great way to explore the wilderness and enjoy some much-needed relaxation. So have a look at some of the most needed Spring RV service checks that you should perform before the camping season is in full force. Contact us to get your RV ready.

Start your Spring RV service with this checklist: 


Have the RV batteries checked to ensure that they are in proper working order. How well those batteries are working is dependent on how you stored them for the winter. Ensure that they are ready to take over powering your RV.  

Water Systems 

You probably did this as part of your de-winterization, but you should run the water until it is free of anti-freeze, and all the pipes have been checked for damage. Make sure water tanks are full and ready to be used safely. 


Your appliances have been sitting all winter long without being used. Now is the time to clean them up and start them up to be sure they are going to work. Clean out the fridge and plug it in. Start the stove to make sure it is ready for cooking summer camp foods. As part of your RV service, check your LP gas cylinders.  


Test all the safety items in your RV to be sure they are working efficiently. You want to check and replace all batteries for your smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors. Furthermore, make sure your filters are changed in heating and air conditioning units. Safety is essential, so making sure that your detectors are working is vital.  


You may have already done this as part of your de-winterization as well, but all seals and seams of your RV should be checked. You don’t want to be camping in the middle of nowhere and end up with water dripping inside, wreaking havoc on all the vital components of your RV. As part of your RV service, you should have all your seals and seams checked. Re-caulk anything that needs to be sealed better and fixed.  

Visit the Experts 

Having your RV service done for the summer months is essential to ensuring your camping is fun and relaxing. However, there are some services you need to have checked by professionals to make sure they are safe and secure. Your LP gas components are one that, if damaged, you want to have checked by a professional.  

Getting your RV service done right may require additional help. That is why you should come see us at the Edmonton RV to help you get your RV summer camping ready!