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How to Handle an RV Repair Emergency on the Road

There is nothing worse than being on the road, and then something happens to your RV. Since you never know what could happen, you should be ready for any number of needed RV repairs when taking a road trip. Having a successful road trip is going to take planning and proper execution of that plan. This includes is making sure your RV is road-ready before you head out of Edmonton. Call Edmonton RV today to book your service. 

If you are concerned about taking an older RV on the road, there are some precautions you can take instead of eliminating your entire vacation. These precautions should be taken by any RV owner before hitting the road.  

Regular Service 

As with all preventative measures, always take your RV in to be serviced regularly. By servicing your RV on a regular basis, you are sure to prevent expensive RV repairs in the future. Servicing usually includes checking the oil, battery, tires, frame, and much more. The owner’s manual of your RV will state what kinds of maintenance needs to be performed regularly.  

Take a Walk 

Take a walk-around your RV before hitting the road. You are going to look for potential issues. A walk-around allows you to slowly look at each wheel, check the air pressure, the tread, and so forth. You can have a look at the frame of the RV to see if there is rusting or corrosion that needs addressing. Look for anything leaking from the underside of the RV. Turn on all the lights to check that they are all in working order. Finally, this is also a great time to check that all compartments are correctly latched and secured.  

Roadside Assistance 

Invest in an excellent roadside assistance plan. There are many that you can find that will help you with RV repairs should the need arise. There are a few reputable roadside assistance plans you can look into and compare to find the one that works best with an RV. Check for things like towing kilometres and response times.  

Take Your Tools  

Keep tools with you in the event that you need them for spontaneous RV repairs. A spare tire and a jack are conventional thought of tools. However, you may also want plyers, screwdrivers of various sizes, flashlights, and flares. Other tools you may consider include jumper cables, caulking, duct tape, wire strippers, hacksaw, and some medium weight wiring and rope.  

RV Repairs Cavalry 

When all else fails, call in the experts. If you are especially not mechanically inclined, for peace of mind, you want to have experts like us at Edmonton RV take a look and help ease your mind for you when looking at RV repairs. We know what to look for and what to do if we find any issues so that you have a safe road trip.