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New to RV Camping? Here’s The RV Parts and Accessories You Need!

You finally took the plunge and got yourself an RV. It is both exciting and scary to own an RV, especially when you aren’t very experienced. You want to enjoy RV season to the best of your ability. There are some RV parts and accessories you want to have that will get you started for a fun RV season. Visit us today to stock up!

Necessary RV Parts and Accessories

As you probably already figured out, your RV does not come with all the accessories it needs. Before you go camping, you want to get these parts and accessories for your rig.

Surge Protector – Having a surge protector will keep your electrical devices safe from a surge or electrical event. Getting a protector is very important as a severe electrical event can ruin your RV.

Water Pressure Regulator – If the water pressure is too intense, you can burst your pipes. You don’t always know what the water pressure is going to look like at any given campground or area you park your RV. A pressure regulator will protect your pipes.

Water Filter– Speaking of water, you want a good filter if you plan on drinking the tap water. A water filter will protect you from lousy water contaminants.

Chocks – An RV is on wheels, so having chocks will keep your RV in place in the event of strong wind from potentially rolling. You need to keep yourself and others safe by securing your RV when parked, and chocks will do that.

Swivel Sprayer – Doing dishes in the confined spaces of an RV is tough. Having a swivel sprayer for dishes will be very beneficial for you. Trust that you want one as it will make your life easier.

Fire Extinguisher – An RV is used for camping, as you know. With camping, there comes campfires and cooking both indoors and out. A fire extinguisher will protect you in the case of an accident.

Tool Set – A good multi-tool set is an excellent idea for any vehicle, including an RV. You never know what kinds of mechanical situations might arise and having the right set of tools can help you in any situation, even temporarily.

Flashlights– Camping isn’t usually done near beaten paths, so it’s a good idea to have a flashlight in case there aren’t any other lights nearby. Perhaps you need to get into a small, confined space that is dark, and a flashlight will come in handy.

Extra Batteries – Many RV parts and accessories are battery-powered. Keeping a small stock of extra batteries will ensure these items continue working without interruption.

Need Help Deciding What to Get?

If you aren’t sure what RV parts and accessories you need, you can always come to see us at Edmonton RV. Our team of professionals will make sure you have everything you need for a successful RV season. Visit us today!