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On Demand Water Heaters & other RV Parts & Accessories to Help You Get the Most out of Your Next Adventure

The right accessories, RV parts, and appliances can add comfort and convenience to your adventures. At RV Edmonton, we want you to get the most out of our products and your leisure time, and recommend you consider two simple Rv Parts that we feel can make a big difference to your experience.

RV Parts Edmonton: On-Demand Water Heaters

Modern on-demand water heaters are easy to use, ready when you are, and can be a welcome luxury while on the road. Using microprocessors to consistently moderate the temperature and flow rate, the water heaters consistently produce water accurately in accordance with the settings you enter on the electronic interface. They run at low power and use a low-volume motor, while still providing you with as much hot water as you want when you want it.

The water heaters resistant, meaning you will have access when you need it most. Installation is simple, as the water heaters are designed specifically for RV’s and do not require additional plumbing or gas lines. With an on-demand water heater, you can say goodbye to the days of campsite showers and instead enjoy one of the simple luxuries of home while on your adventures.

RV Parts: Adhesive LED Lighting

CareFree Adhesive LED lighting is an eco-friendly accessory which lets you personalize the look of your RV and make the most of your evenings on the road. The 3M adhesive backed lights are low energy and waterproof while providing clean LED light that can be dimmed and brightened as needed. Furthermore, strips can be trimmed to any desired length and come in a wide range of colours. This means you can apply these strips to your awning, the side of your coach, or whatever place suits your RV best, with no drilling or installation required! The lights bring you clean lighting making your RV the envy of the campsite. With LED lighting, you can be sure to give your RV a personalized, modern look while making sure your evening card game, drink, or reading time is not cut short.

For RV Parts in Edmonton, Contact Edmonton Rv! We’re committed to ensuring you get the most of each and every one of your RV adventures. Visit us today in-store or check out our catalog to find out more about our on-demand water heaters, LED lighting, or any other RV parts which could make the difference on your next excursion!