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RV Accessories Essential for Your Winter Camping Trip

The best part of owning an RV is that you can go camping any time of the year. Even in Edmonton winters, you can take your rig out and enjoy the wilderness. However, with everything snowed over, there are some RV parts and accessories you are going to want to have for your winter camping trip.

Stay safe when winter camping by having these essential RV parts and accessories on-hand when you head out.


Space heaters are a great way to stay warm during an Edmonton winter camping trip. One that plugs into a power outlet is cost-effective versus a propane heater. Depending on your RV size, you want to be sure to have the right number of heaters to keep the space toasty.


Since condensation is always a winter culprit, you want to have a window or vent that can stay open. Condensation will cause mold and residue to build up that can be hard to clean.


Getting a heated water hose is a good idea. Additionally, you are going to want to insulate all your pipes to keep them from freezing over. Having heating pads is also a good thing for keeping tanks from freezing.

Winter Emergency Kit

Emergency kits come in all types; a winter kit will have a heating blanket and other necessary equipment should you end up stranded in sub-zero temperatures. If you already have one, be sure that it is stocked up appropriately.


Having extra clothes, blankets, boots, and jackets with you is always a good idea when winter camping around Edmonton. It is better to have too many extra clothes than not enough. Especially since the weather can turn nasty fast.

Air Pump

Some tires don’t fare well in the cold weather. Therefore, if you are going camping for longer than a couple of days, a good air pump for your RV tires is a must-have. Cold weather tends to lessen your tire pressure when immobile for extended periods.

Extra Insulation

There are many parts on your RV that you may have missed when insulating it to handle the winter. Therefore, as part of your RV parts and accessories, you want to have some extra insulation to get the areas you may have missed.


Even though many of the campsites around Edmonton still provide plenty of fun things to do when winter camping, you may want to have a few extra things to do. Therefore, bring your snowshoes, skis, and ice-fishing gear with you. Furthermore, you may want to have board games, a deck of cards, and books with you as well.

Hit the Road

Going winter camping can be a lot of fun as long as you are safe. Therefore, you want to be sure you have all the RV parts and accessories you are going to need to have a joyous winter vacation. Here at Edmonton RV, we have everything you could need to make your winter camping successful.