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Winter RV Trip? Be Prepared!

Just because winter has come and the days are shorter doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your RV. The winter landscape is peaceful, and the RV camps are generally quiet, so it’s a good time to head out for some much-needed relaxation. However, there are some RV services you are going to want to perform before you go.

What Should You Do?

Once you make the decision to go winter camping in your RV, be sure to perform your winter RV service before you head out.

  • Check all the windows that they are sealed appropriately and re-seal with caulking where it’s needed.
  • Use insulation boards to help keep the cold air from freezing water pipes, insulate tanks, and your floor.
  • Empty all your water tanks before heading out. You should add some RV specific anti-freeze to your tanks to protect the dump valves from icing over.
  • Insulate all your pipes and maybe consider a pipe heater and tank heaters so that sub-zero weather doesn’t freeze either.
  • Wrap up your entire sewer hose in insulation tape to prevent ice from building up.
  • If your RV has a freshwater hose, consider buying a heated water hose to avoid freezing or bursting.
  • Any exterior water pumps should have a small space heater to keep them toasty warm.
  • Add insulation curtains to your RV interior windows to keep cold drafts out.
  • All vents that are located on the roof, including skylights, should be re-caulked and fitted with vent cushions.
  • When the temperatures are extremely low in the winter nights, you want to ensure that two of the three refrigerator vents are blocked with duct tape. Additionally, if you choose to set a space heater in the tank space, make sure it isn’t near anything flammable.
  • Be sure to test out your furnace before going winter camping around Edmonton. You don’t want to be stuck without heat.
  • Consider additional heat sources if you feel that your current heat sources aren’t enough.

What Should You Bring?

Additional items are also a good thing to consider when going camping in the cold of winter. Other things you should have on hand are:

  • Chains for your tires
  • Extra clothing and blankets
  • Drinking water that is in a heated space.
  • A blow dryer should you need to defrost pipes.
  • Emergency items in the event that you get stuck.
  • Extra food
  • Charging panels that are solar-powered.
  • A generator might be a good idea
  • A shovel should you need to dig yourself out of deep snow.
  • A GPS that is designed specifically for emergencies.

Be Prepared!

When preparing to go camping in the winter, make sure your RV service is done correctly. To be sure that everything is in good order, have us at Edmonton RV check things over for you. Our professionals will ensure that your RV is winter camping ready.