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RV Parts and Accessories for a Smooth Camping Trip

If you have been RVing for a while now, you are probably aware of the various things you need to make your trip smoother. There are all kinds of advertised RV parts and accessories that you can consider getting, but the key is picking the most useful ones.

Whether you are experienced with RV life or not, you want to ensure that what you carry with you is stuff you will need for a smooth camping trip. There are going to be RV parts and accessories on the list that are going to surprise you and others you would have never thought about. Visit us today for everything on your list!

RV Parts and Accessories for Camping

To help you have a successful camping trip, consider adding these items to your “must-have” list.

A bar for your screen door – if you have never considered this before, it can be very beneficial. Getting a bar that allows you to hang wet towels, dish towels, air out blankets or other items. A grab bar on your screen door also provides some stability when getting in and out of the RV.

Vent covers for the roof – when it rains, a vent cover can be a lifesaver. No matter how humid and hot it can get inside your RV, having a vent cover will still allow for great airflow that can help you feel more comfortable. Additionally, it helps keep the vents clean.

Water regulator – A regulator is an essential item that you should put on the must-have list for sure. Some campgrounds have very high-water pressure and having this valve will help to avoid a hose blow-out or a pipe burst due to the water being too powerful.

An awning door protection ball – Your awning can be a very expensive piece of material, and you want to protect it. This little ball is an inexpensive way to help keep your awning protected against the sharp edges of your RV doors.

Wheel chocks – When you are parked, wheel chocks are an excellent idea for keeping your RV secure. These inexpensive and lightweight chocks will prevent your RV wheels from slipping or rolling. A set of rubber ones are secure and help provide extra peace of mind when sleeping at night.

Locks for the storage bay – You may not realize it, but the storage bay locks are not as secure as you might think. Some RV storage bays can open to anyone with a CH751 key. Therefore, you want to make sure your bay is secure by changing out the locks with a unique key-based lock.

Want to Know More

If you are looking at adding a few more RV parts and accessories to your RV checklist that will make your camping trip smoother, you can come down and talk to us at Edmonton RV. Our experts can help you determine the right items for the job.