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RV Repairs You Can Handle on Your Own

An RV requires regular maintenance and the occasional repair since you likely use it in and around Edmonton throughout the entire camping season. You don’t always need to take your RV in to be fixed. There are some easy RV repairs you can do yourself that will save you both money and time. Ask our expert staff for guidance on simple repairs or book your RV in for more serious ones.  

Perform these DIY RV Repairs on your RV 

Unexpected RV repairs can be needed at any time. Therefore, it is good to acquaint yourself with common RV repairs that you can do yourself.  

  • RV vent lids tend to wear out quickly, so learning how to replace it yourself will save you some time. The key to replacing the vent lid yourself is to know what size of the bracket you need. Check your manufacturer’s instructions to know what size of the bracket you need. Also, make sure you know what type of lid you need. The installation will be easy.  
  • Learn how to spot seal your roof. Of the RV repairs, the roof can be the most costly. Therefore, you want to fix the roof yourself where applicable. Have a lap sealant on hand to use in case your RV roof starts to leak. Make sure to remove the old sealant before you apply a new one.  
  • RV toilets have been known to have a few issues from time to time. Make sure to regularly replace the toilet sealant and the water valves so that you don’t end up with a dysfunctional toilet when out in the woods. Any unexpected issues can generally be found on the manufacturer’s website, where you can find standard troubleshooting tools.  
  • Of the common RV repairs, leaky water waste valves tend to be a common issue. The valves tend to be 3 inches if you have a black tank or a 1.5-inch valve for a grey tank. Before you perform the repair, make sure that you empty the tank completely. Also, another pro-tip: get a valve with a metal handle instead of a plastic one.  
  • RV chassis repairs are also a common occurrence. RV repairs are often similar to the ones you will need to perform on a car. Check the oil regularly, check the tread on the tires, and air pressure. Replace the wipers regularly and perform safety checks before moving your RV if it has been sitting for a while.  

When you do enough research, there are many RV repairs you can conduct yourself that will help keep your RV in good condition for longer. Being diligent in making proper repairs and conducting preventative checks can save you a lot of money in the future.  

Consult a Professional 

If you encounter a few RV repairs that you can’t do yourself or are unsure of, consult a professional. Our team at Edmonton RV is ready and willing to help you tackle any RV repairs that you may have to deal with on a regular basis.