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What Should I Have in My RV Awning Repair Kit?

One of the most utilized accessories for any RV is going to be your awning. Having a proper functioning awning in good repair is essential. As camping season comes upon us, it is time to check to ensure that you have everything you need in your RV awning repair kit. Anything can happen to your awning when camping. You need to be prepared. Visit us today for expert advice on minor RV repairs. 

Things your RV Awning Repair Kit Should Contain 

There are several reasons that your awning could encounter some issues. Not all tears in your awning are a result of misuse. Many things that happen to awning can happen because of age, weather, or a manufacturer that used cheaper materials.  

However, when issues arise in your awning, you want to make sure to repair it right away to prevent a small tear from turning into the need to replace your entire awning.  

There are some essential items that you will need to conduct a proper RV awning repair. Fixing an RV awning is a pretty straightforward procedure when done right. Here are the materials you need to conduct a proper RV awning repair.  

  • Tape Measure 
  • Screwdriver for taking on and putting back up the awning
  • A flat board made of plastic is best. Wood works as long as there are no splinters.
  • Fabric scissors for cutting the material swath needed to conduct the repair
  • Standard sewing supplies that include a needle for canvas
  • Cleaner for awnings
  • Extra material for your awning
  • Tape that is waterproof
  • The glue that is also waterproof 

Make sure that you check the manual that comes with your awning before you start fixing your awning. Make sure you have a compatible awning repair material for fixing any tears or holes.  

As you compile a list of essentials for your RV in preparation for Edmonton’s upcoming camping season, you want to make sure that you have all your RV awning repair items. Anything can happen to your awning, no matter how careful you are with it. 

Awning Care 

You may end up needing to conduct RV awning repair no matter how careful you are. Proper awning care can go a long way to prevent premature aging of your awning.  

  • Make sure your awning is dry before you put it away.  
  • Properly secure your awning when you are traveling. 
  • Follow manufacture instructions when you clean your awning. 
  • Take care when taking out or putting away your awning in high wind or around trees.  

Come Get All your RV Repair Essentials 

As you prepare your RV awning repair kit for the camping season, come see us at Edmonton RV. Our trained professionals can make sure you are getting all the right material necessary for to stock up your RV awning repair kit.