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RV Services to Do Before Winter Camping

Camping is a lot of fun no matter what season! Winters can be harsh and cruel, but that
doesn’t mean you should shy away from going winter camping. Camping in the winter can
be a truly memorable and thrilling experience! However, you need to perform the proper
RV service on your RV before you consider taking to the harsh climate. Call us today to
book your RV in for service.

RV Service for Winter Camping

You want to perform a few crucial RV services to help prepare your RV for winter
camping. These things include making sure your water doesn’t freeze, or that cold
temperatures damage your RV. Another thing to consider is making sure you are toasty
warm, no matter how cold it is outside.

RV Engine

There is some extra protection your engine is going to need to handle the winter
temperatures. Make sure that you inspect the battery for damage and check that it is fully
charged and securely connected. You also want to check that the antifreeze is full and
ensure you have a good block heater.


Winter is terrible for drafts getting through any possible opening. Be sure to check all the
seals in the RV to ensure that they are not allowing any air to get through. Then, you want
to add additional insulation to help keep you toasty warm. Don’t just insulate the outside
of the RV! You want to insulate the underneath as well. By insulating underneath, you are
helping to protect pipes from freezing, and keeping heat in.

  • Use reflective covers for the windows.
  • Seal and caulk all windows and doors
  • Use heavy curtains
  • Put foam board underneath carpets
  • Get an RV skirt


Pipes freezing is one of the most common issues when winter camping. Therefore, you
want to make sure to insulate the pipes and hoses to keep them from cracking and
bursting in the cold. Add heat tape to the pipes, keep cupboards open for heat distribution
and keep the water running, even a little, to keep the water moving.
Another good option is getting an internal water tank. Using your own water tanks means
you don’t have to connect to water externally, which helps prevent it from freezing. Get a
space heater that can help to keep things warm and add a small amount of antifreeze to
any holding tanks.


Make sure to thoroughly inspect your RV furnace to make sure that it doesn’t have any
issues. You are going to want a good working furnace, especially in very cold
temperatures. Also, additional heat sources couldn’t hurt.

Going Winter Camping?

If you are going winter camping, you want to gain as much information as possible before
you head out. Come down to Edmonton RV to gain some useful knowledge from our
experts before you go winter camping! We know what type of RV service you need to
have a successful winter camping trip.