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Should I Repair or Replace my RV Awning?

Your RV awning is a vital part of your setup. It is what keeps you protected from the hot sun and provides you some rain protection as well. When the need for RV awning repair arises, you may be wondering if it isn’t just better to get a new one. Visit Edmonton RV today for an expert opinion. 

RV awning repair is definitely an option when issues arise, and it can save you from having to replace the entire structure. However, you need to know whether it is worth repairing or just replacing. Have a look. 

RV Awning Repair or Replacement? 

Taking on the task of repairing your awning can save you a lot of money, but it isn’t necessarily the best thing you could do. If it is just a small issue, then definitely repair it yourself. You can get some awning repair kits that will allow you to repair the awning for a fraction of the cost of a new one. The kit only works though if it is a small piece of fabric that needs replacing. Most kits are limited to 6-inch cuts or less.  

Another solution to tears in the awning is using canvas tape. You can find canvas tape just about anywhere, and it is a quick, simple solution for any tear in your awning. If the awning has a large tear, you may want to rethink just taping it up. It is better to replace the awning completely.  

Worth the Risk? 

There is some risk to taking on RV awning repair yourself. Here are the risks associated with DIY RV awning repair.  

  • Your lack of expertise can result in additional damage to the awning or be dangerous for anyone underneath.  
  • A repair that isn’t done right can lead to leaks. 
  • If you don’t apply a canvas repair kit or the canvas tape properly, it can tear your awning further.  
  • The aesthetic appeal of your awning could diminish, especially if you aren’t’ careful with the application of tape or repair kit.  
  • Improper RV awning repair can lead to more costly repairs down the road.  

When Not to DIY 

There are times that you should seek counsel from a professional who is experienced in RV awning repair. Every once in a while, you will doubt your capabilities, and that is alright. You should always seek help if you believe you are out of your depth.  

  • When you aren’t sure how to use a DIY kit 
  • If the tear or hole in your awning is over 6-inches in diameter 
  • When there are issues with the mechanics of the awning 
  • When you are an inexperienced RV owner 

We Can Handle It! 

When you are stuck and aren’t sure where to go for your RV awning repair, you can come to see us at Edmonton RV. We are trained professionals who can help you with a wide variety of your RV concerns, including your RV awning repair. Contact us to learn more.