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The Top 5 crucial and often forgotten RV Supplies and Accessories

As experienced RV enthusiasts, we at Edmonton RV have a good idea about the RV supplies and accessories which are commonly overlooked when preparing for a road trip. This is a list of five items that are important to think about before disembarking on your adventure.

1.Non-Spray Mosquito Repellent

Non-spray mosquito repellents offer a healthier, convenient alternative to the commonly used spray repellents. Mosquito spray is harsh on the skin and uncomfortable, especially when applied multiple times per day. Instead, add non-spray repellents such as citronella oil or mosquito repellent sticks to your RV supplies. These can protect your camping area from bugs while providing a pleasant aroma and giving your skin a break from the harsh DDT.

2. Cast-Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware’s durability, safety, and versatility has you covered no matter what is on your menu. Cast iron is easy to clean, naturally non-stick (without added chemicals), and virtually indestructible. Additionally, cast-iron is safe to use over the fire, stove, or in the oven and provides evenly distributed cooking temperatures. Remember to season the cookware occasionally with vegetable oil to maintain its non-stick surface.

3. Portable Solar Charger

A portable solar charger is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your electronics charged. Even the most steadfast traditionalists now use some form of electronics on their adventure, be it their phone GPS or radio. A portable solar charger can keep you connected when you need it while keeping the kids happy with charged electronics.

4. Weather-Resistant Fire Starter Equipment

Weather resistant fire starting supplies ensure that you can start a fire regardless of what mother nature throws at you. The ability to do so is critical to making the most of each day, so bring along a wind resistant lighter and water resistant fire starting squares to ensure that your trip is not complicated or compromised by the weather.

5. Cords and Hoses

Including a sufficient length of extension cords and hoses can be key to the electrical and plumbing functions of your campsite. You never know how much cord or hose you will need, so we recommend fifty-foot extension cords and hoses to avoid complications.

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