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Things to Know Before Starting Your RV Awning Repair

During the hot summer months, an awning is a feature for your RV to have. A little shade could mean a huge difference to your comfort levels when it comes to hot misery or semi-cool comfort. However, with the summer months comes the tendency to get some surprisingly powerful summer storms that can wreak havoc on your awning. Therefore, you may find yourself in need of RV awning repair. Contact us for RV parts

If circumstances arise that require you to need RV awning repair, then there are a few things you should know that can help you get your RV awning back to functioning order.

Take a proactive approach

To help prevent major RV awning repair from being needed, you should always take a proactive approach. Addressing issues immediately can save you some major time and money when it comes to your awning. Check it over at the beginning of the season and look for any minor tears or holes that could be in the fabric.

Repair small holes yourself

Small tears or holes can easily lead to larger issues when a gust of wind or heavy rain pounds away at them. Therefore, it’s a good idea to go down to Edmonton RV and pick up some RV awning repair tape that is clear and can help seal any small hole or tears before they become larger. If the tear is too large for awning tape, you can get some fabric in the same color as your awning to repair it with.

Before you begin a DIY RV awning repair

Before you lay down some fabric glue or add some awning tape to your awning, you want to wash it thoroughly. You don’t want any dirt or small debris getting trapped under the adhesive, which can compromise the integrity of your awning.

RV awning repair

To apply any type of adhesive to your awning, you need to be careful to push out any trapped bubbles, especially under the tape. If you apply tape and find that it is in the wrong spot, just leave it and apply new tape because of its never a good idea to try and reposition it. Make sure to tape on both sides of the tear.

Fabric repairs are a bit trickier. You want to apply glue on both sides of the tear or hole and gently lay the fabric down methodically. Trapped air bubbles can interfere with the integrity of your awning as well as be unappealing visually.

Let Us Help

No matter what type of RV awning repair you need, come see us at Edmonton RV. We can help you assess your awning and help you make the right decision so that you have a happy and safe camping season. Come see us today!