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Time to De-Winterize Your RV for Summer

As the ice and snow thaw around Edmonton, it is time to consider getting your RV ready for camping season. As the weather starts warming up it is time to get RV service done to prepare it for when you will be using it every free moment you have. Contact us to learn more.  

Our Checklist

There are some proper steps to take to help you de-winterize and perform RV service in a way that will ensure you don’t miss anything vital. Therefore, check out these de-winterizing tips to get your RV summer ready.  

  1. Hook up all the water pipes and run the water in your coach until the water starts to run clear, and all anti-freeze is gone. 
  2. Once you have run the water through all the water sources, turn the bypass until it’s in normal mode so that your RV hot water tank can fill up. Make sure to keep a hot water tape open to expel all the air, and a steady stream of water flows through.  
  3. As part of your RV service, make sure to fill the freshwater tank. Have a look through your entire cabin and follow all the water lines to check for damage.  
  4. Once the hot water tank is full, you can cycle it through 120VAV and with propane fuel.  
  5. Next, check your lights to verify that they are all in good working order. At the same time, you can check all fluid levels in the engine before starting it up.  
  6. Check all the seals on the windows, doors, skylights, etc. As part of good RV service, you need to be sure that all the seals are secure, and that water and wind won’t get through. 
  7. Since you are going to be traveling with your RV, you want to make sure the tires don’t have excessive wear and that they are holding the proper air pressure. 
  8. Slideouts need to be opened and closed to ensure the jacks and leveling systems are in proper order. Check that the hydraulic fluid is topped up as well.  
  9. Though not as important as the rest, you should also take this time to check the awning and ensure that it is not damaged. 

The best way to ensure your RV is ready for summer camping around Edmonton is by making sure all your de-winterizing RV service is done. There are more components than you may think to your RV that should be checked and serviced before you hit the woods.  

Visit the Pros! 

When looking to get your RV service done, if you want or need a professional opinion, come and see us at Edmonton RV. We have all the parts needed to help you service your RV for a fun and productive camping season.