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Top 5 RV Repairs to Watch Out for Before the Camping Season

Camping season is coming up quickly and as such, you want to get your RV ready. However, before you head out in search of solitude, you want to make sure to look out for common RV repairs so that you can enjoy camping with peace of mind.

Your Repair Checklist

Here are 5 of the top RV repairs to look out for when getting ready for camping:

  • The first RV repairs you want to get done is the electrical components and circuitry. There are all kinds of parts running through your RV that have electrical components. It is imperative that each of these be checked. You want to be sure that the appliances, lights and engine electrical lines are checked and repaired if any damage is noted.
  • The battery. After sitting for a while, the battery may need a charge. Also make sure your battery can hold a charge. The battery needs to be charged every 7 to 10 days to keep it in optimal shape.
  • The Window Seals. When looking for what RV repairs you need, you should look at the seals on your windows and make sure they are intact. After years of use, the seal might wear down and fixing this before you go camping will help keep you more comfortable. Be sure the seals don’t have any cracks or peeling.
  • Faulty water lines. When an RV has been sitting for a while, you want to get the water lines checked to avoid any related issues. Any lines that look less then optimal, should be changed or repaired to avoid water damage.
  • Exterior damage. Anything can happen while your RV has been sitting through off season. Before you go out and enjoy the summer, make sure your RV’s exterior is in proper shape. Even the smallest things can lead to larger issues.

Get Road Ready

It is important to know what RV repairs to look out for so that you can get them done before taking your RV out. When you are about to head out and enjoy camping season, you want your home away from home to be comfortable and safe. When it comes to RV repairs, visit us today at Edmonton RV and enjoy a fun and safe summer.