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What to Do When You Need a RV Awning Repair

Even though our Edmonton winter has just begun, the camping season is just around the corner. This means spring maintenance and getting your RV road ready! One place you should look when doing your maintenance check is the awning. RV awning repairs are common, so be sure to look for any damages caused over the winter, or from previous camping fun.

The awning on your RV is an important feature that you would not want to be without for any length of time. Not only does it provide you with shade when the sun is at its most powerful, it also helps keep the interior cooler. During light rain showers, it allows you to keep your door open for air flow without getting your floors wet. Even with the best of care, the fabric can become weather-worn, the mechanisms can wear out, or a storm can cause significant damage to your awning, so it’s important you know what to do when you need a RV awning repair.

Secure the Awning for Transit

Since you will have to bring your RV in for repair, it is important to secure the awning to minimize the chances of causing more damage. If there is a tear in the fabric, secure it with tape on both sides so the tear won’t catch and become worse. If there is frame damage or the awning won’t retract, find a way to secure it to the RV so it won’t be torn off while you are on the road.

Check your Insurance Coverage for RV Awning Repair

Depending on the nature of the damage, your RV insurance may cover the RV awning repair. Contact your insurance provider, give them the details on the damage and ask about the deductible. You also want to find out if your insurance will go up if you file a claim, so you can determine if using it is worth it over the long run. Next you will bring your trailer to the Edmonton RV Service team so we can assess what’s needed for your awning repair and provide you with a quote. While we can’t help you determine if insurance is your best option, a quote will let you weigh the decision properly. We’ll also be able to let you know how soon you can get back to enjoying your RV.

Once you decide how to cover the cost of your awning, contact Edmonton RV to book in your RV awning repair, and we’ll get the job done as quickly as we can. You can always count on Edmonton RV Service to perform top quality work and get you back to enjoying your RVing as soon as possible!