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Your RV Winterization Service Checklist

The saddest time of year for every RV-loving enthusiast is when it is time to put your RV away for the winter months. Though you can go RVing during the winter, you do need to take some extra precautions with your RV when the weather turns cold.

As the seasons change there is some specialized RV service you need to perform to keep your RV in good shape for the coming season. If you are experienced or new to RVing, you need to know that parking isn’t enough. Call Edmonton RV today to book your winter service.

Winterize your RV

Here are some RV service tips to help you prepare your RV for the coming colder months.

Winterize the Water System

One of the most important RV service tips is to winterize the water system. The last thing you need is for the pipes to burst. Your RV will come with specific instructions for winterizing the water system of your specific RV model. You want to follow those instructions exactly for the safekeeping of your RV.

Wax the Exterior

To protect your RV from the harsh winter elements, it is a good idea to apply a layer of wax to the outside shell of your RV. You want to purchase a good quality wax that will protect your RV from the ice and cold. If you notice any cracks while applying the wax, be sure to use a good sealant to fix those to prevent additional damage.

Service Locks and Hinges

Check all the locks and hinges on the RV. By taking a few minutes to lubricate all the hinges and locks in your RV, you will be saving yourself a lot of time come spring. A good layer of oil like WD40 will protect the hinges and locks and keep them from seizing. Once you open up again, you will find that you won’t be fighting the door or the locks because of this step. 

Remove the Batteries

A good way to drain your batteries is by leaving them inside the RV all winter long. Not only will you drain the power, but they won’t hold a charge as long when you start up your RV again. Make sure to remove them and place them in a safe, dry spot for the winter.

Clean Up

One of the most trivial but important things you can do is thoroughly clean the inside of your RV before packing it away for the winter. Not only will it help to prevent critters from finding it appealing, but you will be thankful that you did when you take it out again for a new camping season.

Need More RV Service Tips?

If you are unsure of what else you need to do to winterize your RV, or you’re not sure which product will work best when winterizing, come see us at Edmonton RV. Our experts will help you get your RV winter ready.