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Your Winter RV Service “To Do” List

Fall is a beautiful time of year. As the leaves start to change, you realize it might be time to start getting your RV ready for the winter months to come. Performing winter RV service is essential to ensuring your RV will be in good shape when you’re ready to hit the woods around Edmonton again come spring. Call us today to book your RV in for expert service!

Get Ready for Winter

As the days get shorter, you know it is now time to winterize your RV and perform all RV services that will keep your camper safe for the winter. Here are a few things you want to consider as you get ready to put your rig away.

  • Remove the inline water filter and put it in a sealable plastic bag.
  • A crucial RV service to perform is to put non-toxic antifreeze in your water lines to keep them from freezing. An antifreeze that is rated to -50 degrees will be ideal for the long, northern winters.
  • Do a visual inspection of all the seams of your RV. Check sealants on the roof, windows, and other seams to ensure that they are not weak and will not buckle. Making sure these seals are secure can prevent you from experiencing some severe water leakage.
  • If you have a rubber roof, you want to make sure to clean it and treat it properly thoroughly. Use a sponge mop to really scrub. You might also want to use a mineral spirit to help remove difficult spots like tree sap.
  • All vent covers and skylights should be inspected. Ensure your vent cover does not have any cracks in it and that skylight covers are also secure. It is better to replace the cover than to replace the whole structure due to water damage.
  • Keep your RV safe from little critters who are seeking refuge in the winter. It may be noble to help the little animals out, but they can wreak havoc on your RV. Remove all food products left in the RV. It is also a good idea to treat the interior with a botanical rodent repellent.
  • Check all hinges within your RV. Ensure to oil the doorways, cabinet doors, and all other moving parts that require sliding or hinges. By oiling them in the fall, you will be sure they move quickly again come spring.
  • A good wash and wax is an RV service to never overlook. The wax will help protect the exterior from any winter damage.
  • All tires should be inspected to make sure that they have adequate air and are not damaged. Any tires that have cracks or are worn down should be replaced.
  • One easily overlooked area is the hot water tank. You want to flush your hot water tank and remove all sediments from the water heater tank. By flushing and cleaning the tank, you are preventing an opportunity for corrosion.

Consult Professionals for RV Service

Our professionals at Edmonton RV are experts in RV service. Get in touch with us today to help you with your winterization checklist.