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Before You Hit the Road: Professional RV Repair & Maintenance Tips

If a long awaited holiday is coming up, you want peace of mind that your RV is running in tip-top shape. Professional servicing or maintenance can ensure you spend your RV vacation relaxing. Ensure that you get your RV repairs in Edmonton and schedule a maintenance check with a certified RV technician prior to any road trip. Keep in mind that you need to maintain your entire RV, including the exterior, the coach, and the appliances.


The most important maintenance is preventative maintenance – taking care of your RV to avoid costly repairs or a breakdown. We can service your RV from top to bottom, this includes repairing electrical systems, appliances, damage from collisions, hail, and water damage. In addition, we offer routine inspections, winterization, as well as repairs to heating and cooling equipment. Edmonton RV also offers insurance claims and estimates for structural damage and can service mechanical components like wheels, breaks, lifts, and more.  

Coach Maintenance

Maintaining your RV coach is not only for comfort but also for safety. For passenger safety, check the carbon monoxide detector, smoke alarm and fire extinguisher. In addition, pack extra 12-volt batteries just in case. To help preserve energy, clean or replace the air conditioning filters. Moreover, to prevent a disappointment on the road check all appliances and electric generators. You should regularly service your generator to avoid needing to replace it.

Following these basic maintenance tips will keep your RV in excellent condition. However, we know that sometimes maintenance is not enough. If you are looking for RV repairs, Edmonton RV Service is here to help. Contact the professionals before your next road trip.