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Check it Before You Wreck it: How to Avoid RV Awning Repairs

The summer days can be hot with the sun rays getting stronger. You want to avoid having to be in direct sunlight as much as possible and therefore your awning is very important. However, to avoid a costly RV awning repair, you’ll want to be sure to avoid common mistakes when taking care of it.

Common RV awning repair mistakes to avoid:

  • Don’t leave your awning out when unattended. The weather is very unpredictable, and it can change very quickly. Try to remember to retract your awning if you are going to be away for any period of time. This will help you avoid wreckage due to weather.
  • Before you operate your RV, you want to be sure that your awning is retracted and secured properly. Driving you RV with the awning not secured can lead to some serious damage that will require RV awning repair. Before you take off, double check that you have the awning safely secured.
  • Your awning takes on a lot. It is subject to the elements and various other things that can fly through the air and land on it. You want to be sure to clean your awning regularly to help keep it in good repair. Awnings come in either acrylic or vinyl, make sure you follow the proper cleaning steps for the material you have.
  • Another great way to avoid RV awning repairs is making sure it is dry before you retract it. If it has rained recently, be sure to wait until the awning is completely dry before you secure it in order to avoid the growth of mold and mildew. This will help keep the material in good shape and help you avoid having to replace or repair it.
  • The awning has a lot of moving parts and the most common RV awning repair generally has to do with the hardware. You want to be sure to use the right lubricants necessary to help you keep the moving parts lubricated and avoid rust or corrosion. Putting a thin layer of silicone spray on the hardware will help to keep it in great shape.

When you are out camping, you don’t want to worry about RV awning repair. To help you escape this, make sure you are aware of common mistakes you can avoid. If you want to learn more about RV awning repair and how to avoid it, come visit us at Edmonton RV and let our specialists help you out so that you can enjoy camping with ease.