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Your RV To-Do List Before You Park for the Winter

Winterizing your RV probably isn’t one of the things you look forward to doing each season. It’s a reminder that camping season around Edmonton is finished, and it takes some RV service to store your RV for the coldest months of the year. Call us today to book your winter service.

RV Service Checklist

As you start to winterize your RV, there is some RV service you are going to want complete before putting it away for its winters rest. Have a look at the list of RV service you should do to keep your RV in pristine condition throughout the long winter months.

  • Buy enough anti-freeze to cover the entire lengths of your plumbing lines. If you get one specifically for RV’s, you can use it more than once. About two to five gallons of anti-freeze should be enough for you to place in your water lines when performing your RV service.
  • Do a thorough cleanout. This cleaning is going to include the oven, turning off and cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, the cupboards, and everything else inside the RV. It is also recommended that you leave the cupboard doors slightly ajar for air circulation.
  • Drain and flush all your holding tanks. Use a hose to clean out the black tank. Make sure all the valves are closed to as to prevent damage to the seals. Another thing you can do is to install valve covers.
  • As you do your RV service, make sure to remove the battery. You want to check the water levels, fully charge it, and put some Vaseline on the battery terminals. Then, put the battery in a cool, dry place for the winter.
  • Wash the outside of your RV thoroughly and use a good wax to protect it from the damaging effects of winter weather. Clean your awning and lubricate all the moving parts. Make sure the awning is dry before you roll it up and place it in the locked position.
  • Get some mothballs to place at the back of the refrigerator to prevent spiders from making a new home. Also, placing bounce sheets between your mattresses and cushions is an excellent way to keep them from getting musty.
  • Consider what friends might move in over the winter and place traps to deter them. Mice really like dry places for spending the winter months too, and an available RV is a great place.
  • A safe source of heat inside is a good idea to prevent molding from condensation. A 40-watt light bulb is inexpensive to run, and it will keep your RV heated just enough to prevent condensation.

Come See Us

There is much more you can do to perform RV service on your RV for the winter. If you want some professional help or guidance, be sure to contact us at Edmonton RV. We are here to help with all your RV needs.